If there ever was a piece of software that practically cries out for dual screen support, it would have to be Adobe Lightroom.  And it has it, of course…

the problem is that it works like shit.

Using the secondary display functionality of Lightroom CC in OS X is an enterprise fraught with peril.  Without fail each time you switch to a different program, even for just a second, the program will get confused about which screen should show on which display, collapsing everything into a bizarre dual overlapping full-screen view on a single space within a single display.  Which is kind of f-d up since you basically work with Photoshop and Lightroom in tandem so of course you need to switch between them all the time - which means we spend an annoying 15 seconds each and every time we switch back to Lightroom from Photoshop irritatedly striking cmd + fn + f11 to try to force the displays back into sync.

If it were just that it would be merely annoying, but livable.  But recently, it keeps getting worse and more and more unstable - the program itself will get “stuck” off screen - even without secondary display enabled - requiring you to force-shut it down and restart in order to get it to show again.  

The list of bullshit goes on and on, but suffice it to say, the quality of Lightroom CC has been going strikingly downhill since the switch to Creative Cloud, confirming the worst predictions - and fears - of creatives everywhere when Adobe announced this change.

Maybe more about this rant later, but for now, fuck you Adobe.

Le Sigh.