It’s curious that so naturally we tend to gravitate towards photographing women. Of course, there are other subjects we address - black and white cityscapes/landscapes are one of our personal favourites, as evidenced by posts from earlier this month, but invariably our lens always turns back to the women around us and in our lives.

It’s not just us - for as long as humans have been visually creative, women have served as the dominant subject of our efforts - be it cave drawings*, oil paintings, still photography, videography and so on.

*okay we don’t actually know if this is true or not. Actually, we didn’t fact check any of this statement

And it seems to be true for both males and females - regardless of the gender of the photographer, by far the dominant gender in terms of subject tends to be female.

We wonder why that is - it’s so ubiquitous and so instinctive. We have tried to seek out and photograph men, but in the end 99% of the human subjects we take (and the vast majority of our photographs in general) star a female subject.

I guess we have a lot to say about the interplay between a female model and the photographer (whether that photographer is male or female, though we would posit that the dynamic differs significantly) but at least for us, there is an implicit, inherent ease between ourselves and female models that makes the act of photography almost transient and instinctual.

We’ve sought, but have not yet attained, the same with male models, for whatever reason.

Is it hard wired to our species? Is it just us? What do the models think? Is there an entire group of men out there wishing they could be photographic models but being unjustly passed over? Is there something about being photographed that is inherently / particularly more attractive to women than men?

More thoughts on this later, we suppose.